Ancient Chinese Remedy Puts An End to Baldness

Prominent USA scientist destroys the myth about curing baldness


Recently, the scientific world was gravely shocked by an unexpected news following decades of in-depth research - BALDNESS IS NOW CURABLE!

Doctor A. Chan is an American born Chinese who graduated from Dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine. After her honored graduation, Dr. Chan spent over 20 years working as a Research Supervisor of Dermatology clinical trials aimed at finding a remedy for a number of severe skin conditions thought to be incurable. One of those conditions was baldness - the partial or complete lack of hair growth.

After decades of testing the effect of various compounds that stimulate hair growth, Dr. Chan finally discovered the only missing ingredient of a powerful remedy kept secret for almost 2 decades. That was an extremely rare herb that grows only in few special places in the whole world and its distribution and usage have been rigorously restricted until now. "When mixed with other curing elements, this herb literally performs some sort of magic to the scalp – it covers it with newly grown hair!", Dr. Chan explained yesterday during a medical conference with colleagues held in Chicago, USA.
After 20 years of research and clinical trials, Dr. Chan has finally patented a unique remedy that cures baldness. Her phenomenal product has undergone 16 trials and according to scientific estimations it shows 98.7% success in curing baldness and thin hair. Furthermore, the solution not only "brings hair back to life" but it also improves its quality immensely by nurturing the scalp and reconstructing the hair follicle entirely, so that hair starts growing thicker in a three times faster pace.

The renowned scientist has agreed to an interview with our chief correspondent Mya Allen.

Here's what she told us.


Ms. Allen: Hello, Professor Chan, how are you?

Dr. Chan: Hello! I am very excited! You don't have to call me "professor". (she laughs)

Ms. Allen: Oh, okay. Dr. Chan, can you tell us a little more about your discovery that solved the riddle of baldness and thinning hair?

Dr. Chan: Yes, of course, it's an interesting story. As a modern scientist, I have practiced mainly in USA and Europe. I was accustomed to believe that if high-tech equipment and chemical mixtures don't do the work, nothing else can...But I was wrong about this one. I never thought that the answer to my studies would be found in Asia...
A year ago I was on a visit to an ancient village in China with my mother and other members of the family. That village is the birthplace of my grand-grand father - such a coincidence, isn’t it? (she laughs) There was one thing about the people of that village that shocked me beyond limits - nobody, absolutely nobody, had gray or balding hair! Not even one person and there were people that were over 90 years old! They all had thick, healthy, dark hairs with no trace of baldness!
I started a research and after a few days I found out that there was a special remedy they were using to make their hairs – how to say – invincible to time and strikingly beautiful, too. It was something like a dark green, dense syrup that they applied to the hair roots by rubbing. It actually looked disgusting! (she laughs)

Ms. Allen: What was the name of that herb and why it has never been used in medicine until now?

Dr. Chan: You see, it hasn't been used in Western medicine. The Chinese have been treating wounds, skin inflammations, and baldness for centuries using extracts of the dried plant. They told me the name of the plant was He Shou Wu, it means “a remedy for every malady”. It's Latin name is Fallopia multiflora. The ancient healers kept it secret from the outer world and planned on leaving it that way until I appeared and started asking questions!

Ms. Allen: Dr. Chan, what made them allow you to export that herb out of Asia?

Dr. Chan: They trusted me, because, you see, I am a Chinese (she points to her face, smiling). They trusted me because I was a physician. Lastly, they conceded that I use their herb in my solutions because I made them understand how many people around the world will be cured from an awful, embarrassing condition that Western medicine couldn't cure and thought incurable. They wanted to help, and of course, my institute paid them accordingly for that herb, but it was totally worth it!

Ms.Allen: Dr. Chan, are there any actual people that already benefited from your herbal mixture solution and what is its practical effect on baldness?

Dr. Chan: Yes, there are over 1000 people, men and women, that volunteered to participate in the product clinical trials that altogether lasted more than half a year. All of them were suffering from some form of baldness, or had damaged and dry hair. We would apply the solution to their hair roots 2 times a week – on washed hair. Within 2 months we were astonished to notice that 98.7% of the participants had new hair growing on their pates! Some of them were so moved, they cried... In women that had long but damaged or thin hair, the hair was reconstructed to a strong, soft, and shining mane like those of TV models, really. The results were spectacular, 98.7% efficacy – that is almost total efficacy in treating baldness and thin hair...That is a very rare scientific breakthrough.

Ms.Allen: One last question Dr. Chan – is your product already on the market and what is its name?

Dr. Chan: Me and my team received a patent for this product, so our laboratory is practically the only one in the world allowed to manufacture it. It is not that easy to find, because due to the restricted amounts of He Shou Wu, we can produce only a limited number of spray bottles. You can not find this product in pharmacies or drug stores, or super markets, or bio products shops. You can order it only online on its official website, and if you are fortunate enough,you will be approved to purchase the product and they will deliver it to your doorstep within a couple of days. I named the product FulFix, because it's what it does – it solves all your hair problems. This is the only natural way from baldness or thin hair to healthy, shining, and thick new hair. It's a promise given and kept by Nature. It's an achievement never made before in the field of treating hair problems effectively.

Carolina Jackson I've tried this thing and it really wokred miracles on my hair.I had a damaged hair afted too much perhydrol dying and it relly looked bad. Used that stuff for over a month and gave my hair real strong shine and great volume- it looks like a hair from an advertising now.
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Paula Stevenson Can u plz tel me how did you order this serum? Is it expensive/
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Carolina Jackson I ordered it online from the authorized website. It came on the 3 day and it was something round 30 eur – think it's cheap for what it does to your hair, better than any lotion i've tried.
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Tyler Miller Is fulfix a hair product for men as well?
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Carolina Jackson yes, it helpes stop baldness and it makes your hair stronger and does not allow it to go gray which is pretty complex action, it cover it all. For men, too, you can use it for treating scalp show-through spots for instance.
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James Morrison dunno, I think it's crap.How come they give you stuff that cures everything and helps for everything?No one gives soemthing for nothing :)
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Caitlin Jones Thats right.but if you had read the article you'd know that this product was designed based on tons of research and testing. It has a rare plant extract in it that no western cosmetic company has ever tried in their products.it's some strange, almost extinct asian flower or seed, I didn't quite get it, but it makes your hair stop falling and strat growin instead.
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Ryan Gordon hello. That's a 54-year folk here. I am usually not taken in by the multiple fake products out there that cure everything, and they cure it instantly and terminally. I ordered that product, though, and used it for several months. This thing put an end to my hair fall and it really helped me grow darker hair – it is not exactly black, but it's dark brown. Which is very close to the color my hair was when I was 20-something year old. I am positive – this serum does the trick and it does it well.
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Shaun Cool Hi, Ryan, real interesting. Suppose you're being paid a solid amount of money for explaining this glorifying shit online, eh?
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Ryan Gordon Mr. Coll, I am a random customer, sharing ordinary, but useful observations on a forum designed in order to allow people to share their opinion, or am I mistaken? You are right to feel uncomfortable about hearing positive feedback on any product nowadays, and I can understand that. The thing is that every once in a while there is something worthwhile out there and people who are really suffering from particular condition deserve to be encouraged to try something that would most probably ameliorate their unease, am I right?
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Shaun Cool It's Mr Cool. Wow, you sound so sure that you almost convinced me to order one pack. And most probably I would. But if it's some sort of crap, I hold you responsible for fancy-talking me into that purchase!!!
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Shaun Cool I ordered.I am waiting to see this stuff proves to be crap.
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Nathan White how you use this? I mean do you drink it? Is it a medicine?
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Jayden Williams I've tried fulfix. It's good. It's something like light oil, it smells nice and it doesn't stain. You spray it into your scalp, like a massage, and then leave it there. Then you wait and after a while you see :)
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Ashley Martin it's excellent.i'm very biased against unknown brands but it turns out this thing is gaing populiarity like crazy. I bought it in the states where it's invented, patented and produced. And I am so impressed with the results, I order it every month, I don;t need anything ele for my hair now.
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Will Harris I had this problem with hair thinning. Makes me feel bad, old and stuff. Please how to get my hands on that herbal mixture of superior quality.
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Hannah Kelly That is a good solution to hair problems. You should try it. You order it online on fulfix official website. You fill in an order form and when they delivered it to the place indicated in the form, then you pay. It's something like 35 euro.
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Will Harris Thank you – I ordered successfully. Can't wait to try it indeed.
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Laura Thompson Are u being serious? I don't believe a word you're sayin here. It works, it helps, it costs little, sounds like the rest of the stuff that just makes you pay for some stupid fake action you've been waitng for! In vain!
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Dylan Robinson I Ordered one pack but what amount of serum does it contain? How long can I use it?
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Carolina Jackson I think they have only a one-size vial, think it's like 50 ml or so. You can use it for about a month or so, 2 times a week they say. I used 3 though, for faster results, but my hair is long and it consumes more. :)
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Joel Smith Is is safe to order online? I saw this order form and I am a little hesitant whether to give my personal details to somebody that can do whatever they please with them?
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Luke Thomas Dude, you must not be acquainted with service provided online. The whole world is now paying and buying online. For the purpose you have to give your personal details – how they're gonna deliver a product if they don't have an address? And you can give a fake name if so afraid of providing your authentic details. But i've been buying online for years – all the legit, safe, professional websites require personal details in order to forward the goods, you know :) It's how it works.
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Joel Smith I am sorry, I haven't done this before. I buy from the shop where you don't give your name and you can actually touch the product.
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Luke Thomas =hahaha!!! u can touch it when it gets 2 u. Online purchasing is more comfortable, I prefer it to having to walk to the shop to touch the stuff I need.
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Zoe Lee There is no sense in hiding you details or giving fake details about yourself. No one is going to use them in a way that may harm you. Those sites have very rigorous Privacy Policy rules and they're bound by law to adhere to certain regulations that provide for huge fines and even taking of their license if they violate the Terms. So relax there :)
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Grace Brown I used that product for a month and it really stopped my hair fall and made me regrow new hair that looked healthy an shining :) I recommend it
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Nick Walker Is it an OTC product or you need a certain prescription in order to buy it?
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Dylan Robinson I ordered the product online. On the officail website. They don't require e prescription and as far as I know the product is not sold in pharmacies and drug stores. They have limitted quantities because the ingredients they use are kinda rare. I got lucky na dthey had a package for me, I am really ahppy.
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Gina Jacobs My mother used this on her hair. It madde it thicker and healthier. She sais I have to strat using it too becauyse it helps wirh nutrition and staff.
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Steph Taylor Excuse me, but how do you apply this stuuf to hair, is it some kind of conditioner or what>
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